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Category Archives: Our Team

Joseph Didomenico

Joseph DiDomenico, President / CEO started American Limousine in 1988 with his parents. Since then they have grown to 25 vehicles. Joe is a people person and likes to help our customers anyway he can. "I personally train all new chauffeurs to insure they are trained properly. I run the day to day operations and…
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Michael Donohue

Michael Donohue, General Manager: Quality and professionalism are not words that we take lightly here at American Limousine. Most people who know me will say, that I'm a perfectionist and very detail oriented individual, qualities that are necessary to run a successful Limousine company. Our team here at American Limousine are the very best at…
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Ron Curcio

Ron Curcio, Manager/Chauffeur: I have been with American Limousine for over 17 years and couldn't be more happier.  They have stood behind the true meaning of a professional, reliable and quality limousine service and truly value their people. I have witnessed many unprofessional limousine companies and all I can say is "I'm glad I joined American Limousine."…
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John Dellatorre

John Dellatorre, Chauffeur. "I've enjoyed being a chauffeur for American Limousine for over 15 years. I love meeting new people everyday and being there to accommodate their needs. I have so much fun because of the diversity of the jobs. You never know what can happen and that's exciting to me.
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Vince Battaglia

Vince Battaglia, Chauffeur: I have been with American Limousine since 2003 and have enjoyed my position with the company. I find working with the public rewarding and since American Limousine is so safety conscious, it makes my job so much easier. The vehicles are well maintained, up to date and its nice to know management…
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Al Van Cott

Al Van Cott, Chauffeur: It is exciting to work with a team of professionals who hold such a high standard in excellence and service. It is more than just a job to me, I enjoy the interaction with people and making them feel like VIP's , because to me they are! I love being able…
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Rick Jachim

Rick Jachim, Chauffeur: I've been driving limousines since 1999. I like working with American Limousine because of the quality of their limousines. They are also very organized with their attention to detail, which enables me to provide great service to our customers. Joe and Mike are great people to work for, which always makes my…
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Bob Marturano

Bob Marturano, Chauffeur: I have been a professional Limousine Driver with American Limousine for almost a year.  I have been a customer service representative for 30 years so I found chauffeur driving a natural fit. American Limousine was my first choice to drive for because of their dedication to customer service. It starts with the…
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Richard Devere

Richard Devere, Chauffeur: I have been a chauffeur for American Limousine for 2 years.  I have had nothing but positive experiences and feedback.  Having worked in the hospitality industry for 30 years, I found American Limousine to be a top notch service from top to bottom.  The vehicles are well maintained and the staff are truly…
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Tim Emmons

Tim Emmons, Chauffeur: I have been a professional chauffeur for American Limousine for several years.  The owner, chauffeurs and office staff are the BEST in this business.  It's important to me and them to provide top notch service.  I treat every customer like royalty.  I enjoy meeting new people and handling there event.
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Carmela Raphael

Carmela Raphael, Chauffeur:  I've been a professional chauffeur for 13 years. I've been with American Limousine for 8 months. I truly enjoy being a part of a limousine service that takes pride not only in there chauffeurs but also with customers.  They have truly shown me what a professional service is all about.  I enjoy…
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